beet root parcel filled with goat cheese and honey

The mix of different flavors is simply amazing. Try it and I am sure, that you will like it.

2 beet root cooked
200 gr. cream goat cheese
8 black olives
1 tablespoon acacia honey
4 walnuts
3 sprigs fresh parsley
3 basil leaves
8 black olives
4 Souffle molds
Balsamic Cream
Salt and pepper

Peel the beet root and cut into very fine slices. Give goat’s cheese in a bowl. Cut  olives into fine dice. Porous walnuts in a pan and then finely grind in a mortar. Cut basil and parsley very finely.

Mix the goat cheese with olives, walnuts, parsley, basil and honey. Season with salt and pepper.

Put  the beet root slices into the molds, so they hang out a bit. Distribute the goat cheese in the forms. Pursue  the overlapping slices. Leave for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Put onto plates and garnish with balsamic cream.