Chocolate cream with ginger and orange

A cream which is simply wonderful . If you don’t like ginger and/or orange just keep it away and make a simple chocolate cream. Try to replace the ginger with chili flakes. Tastes better than every chocolate cream you can buy 😉

500 ml milk
200 gr dark chocolate
100 gr sugar
50 gr butter
40 gr cornstarch
2 Orange
30 gr fresh ginger
2 oz rum

Wash one of the oranges, cut the peel into zests and squeeze out the juice. Peel ginger and grate finely. Weight remaining ingredients and stand them ready to hand.

Cook orange juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar syrup. Liquefy the chocolate in a water bath.

Dissolve the cornstarch in a little milk. Add the remaining milk and decant everything into a large pot. Add the butter, ginger and sugar to it. Shortly before the milk begins to boil stir in the chocolate. Cook on low heat for so long until a cream is produced. Add orange syrup, orange zest and rum to it.

Put cream into a bowl and let cool. Between now and then stir through so that does not form a skin. The Orange Peel and cut into slices. The chocolate cream on top.

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